Happy New Year! Winter Work! El Niño 

Psalms 118:24This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

El Niño has been a topic in the news this past Fall, 2016 Winter &……. El Niño is translated from Spanish as Christ Child or in everyday Spanish little boy! The term was first used in the 1600’s by sailors in the Pacific referring to a temperature inversion of warmer water in a normally cooler Pacific Ocean that is carried by the jet stream from West to East. Most of this phenomenon can be explained in the Bible so unfortunately for many “Global Warmer Believers” this is a normal occurance that has been happening since the beginning of time. I do not have to explain what it is doing we can all see the results. The jet stream may also be referred to as the Pineapple Expressway! Many collegues way down South are battling horrific rain events and the golf industry is taking a big hit financially. What does this mean for Central Ohio right now? Not much snow! Yeah! However, I have been asking many native Superintendents what does this mean for Spring and Summer, and the response is similar. I would expect a warmer drier Spring and Summer! We may enjoy it now with the occasional days to play golf up here and sunshine in the Winter, but have different challenges in the Spring and Summer! I would expect to see increased insect and disease pressure earlier than in the previous two years! 

Jim and I have been working on the reels, rollers, bearings, and seals for the mowers. In early January we received a shipment from Toro with reels, shafts, seals, and bearings,bed knives  and a few other items.  

 With in 14 days Jim had this box empty! 

Well, almost. I helped disassemble the rollers, salvage, and rebuild the ones for the fairway units.  


There are ten rear rollers on each fairway mower and each roller has two ends. Each end has 7 parts that need disassembled and reassembled with new bearings, seals, snap rings, and a shaft. Jim did all the grinding and reassembling of the cutting units. This is a very time consuming process that requires precise dexterity, accuracy, and geometry! The reel and bed knife must be sharpened to the correct angle which we determine and is a recipe for each Supernintendent! 


These are completed and we are working on the greens reels now! After this is complete we will need to figure out which engine can run these reels! We have had some rain this winter and below is 16 Players fairway that must have a drainage issue!  Bubbles always mean trouble in the golf industry! 

We have also been able to do some tree work which will provide more sunlight to areas and create a healthier turf canopy.  Luis below helped me haul some wood for a few days. And I hauled him after a long day! 



 Bundled up driving the skid steer loader. We have had a few days of extra brisk weather! Thank you Steve Hines for your help, and Mark Novotny for the utilization of your dump trailer! We have had some wonderful sunrises!  

  The “greens committee” below meets daily in the Winter when it’s too cold to golf at the agronomy center to go over ideas and suggestions!  They are shipped off to South Florida now for golf! Thank you Matt, Cutter, and Dave for the accommodating tee times. 

  I am in the process of upgrading my web site so that updates may be more frequent. I am running out of meta data storage and need to upgrade the storage on it.  The snow has melted and the sun has been shinning. I expect to see many of you all Saturday! Please remember that the ground will be thawing and carts will be on the Cart Path Only on Players Club and day to to day decisions on Foxfire! Thank you!  


Warm Fall continues thru Thanksgiving! Smith Mt. Lake. 

Philippians 4:6 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Above photo is Sunrise Thanksgiving day at Smith Mountain Lake! 

We have been busy on the golf course the last month. Luis & Jose came back to work for a several days to help install a solid ADS drain line on 3 tee complex Players Club. We were repairing an original installation to a neighbors clay drain tile.  

  The neighbor dumped bricks rocks and nails in a hole where his tile was broken and tore ours out of the ground and then said it hasn’t worked correctly in twenty years.  


He was very helpful and came out several times to tell me water won’t go uphill and let me know how intelligent I was. Very Complimentary too! Unfortunately I would never issue those kind of compliments to anyone, ergo they are not shareable. But, 2 ways to look at and I took it as a compliment because of my optimistic outlook!  Never the less- the project is final based on available resources and ready for grass seed when we the next shipment arrives. 




   Even without a transit I checked the fall daily and water was moving through the trench downhill to our drainage system. Thank you Jim for fixing the backhoe so I could at least use it to dig the trench. We also had to go under two irrigation lines. Asbuilts of the irrigation system would be helpful but we were able to find the lines.  
 New pipe installed.  

 The New Holland Skid Steer loader broke down last week so a final smooth finish was done by hand with hard rakes. I hauled some leaves off transporting back and forth to the shop on the backhoe.  

 I finally got one of the walk mowers out after Jim sharpened the reels and Travis and I walked mowed the Nursery and #2 Foxfire the week prior to Thanksgiving. This may be an option next season if we can get the rest of them running. They are 1980’s Jacobsen and early 1990’s machines but are good mowers.  


The very first walk mower I ever used! 

We were able to mow the Foxfire fairways one more time before Thanksgiving. Travis and I cut them like Muirfield. It’s the easiest pattern. The grass has been growing.  Drain below. 





 Thanks BASF, Sloma, Residex for the education seminar in Pinehurst, North Carolina a couple of weeks ago. Gary Myers had an excellent presentation. And the course restoration by Bob and his staff were outstanding. Carolina Hotel below. 

  Downtown Pinehurst. Donald Ross statue. 

  Camellias were blooming in the Sandhills!



  Main clubhouse below. 


   PInehurst #2

  My caddy Nate and me after 6.5 miles of walking! He’s doing a little better than me, but he didn’t have to carry that bag he carried a different one.   

  Shot below in to the second green. I had quite a few of these but no birdies. 

 Didn’t go here but find a group of lines once.  

  Nate had an easy day and the fastest 94 strokes he has ever tended!   
 I experienced the entire event!  

  Shot in to 18 for the win!  

We did figure out the skid steer loader yesterday and bought a new solenoid for the tilt hydraulic foot lever. Travis, Jim, and myself worked on this for 2 days straight to figure it out and finally got the intermittent failure repaired today.  

We also cleaned out the electrical compartment and pcu board.  



 17 fairway Foxfire above.  

We will order the new reels, bearings, seals, and rollers Friday for seven units. Jim has them disassembled and has sharpened the ones that do not need new bearings.     
  Relief angles on reel. 

  Reels on the floor the vacuum was not repairable it needs a new motor.  Sunrises at Smith Mountain Lake during Thanksgiving at Nancy’s aunt and uncles lake house. Great visit. Thanks Luis & Gail! 

Luis’s Mule to get down to the dock to the boats!    
    House above on way back in to the dock. 






3 Staff for 36, Irrigation Winterization, 70 Degrees, Fertility is activated! 

Matthew 6:34Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.
Travis mowed the Foxfire Golf Course yesterday and Brad mowed the Players Club greens today and then spent the rest of the day on the tractor blower.  


Brad had to dump the baskets every five greens which is a sign that the plants are taking up the nutrients. 

Thanks John for bringing the air compressor, the transition from Players to Foxfire was smooth and your Machine is in Mint condition sir!  






 We blow all the water out of the lines until the air creates a Phoenix  shape mist blowing out of the Toro 670, and a cannon shape out of the 650 Toro heads. 

We put quick couplers around the greens, opened lake valves, and turned on the heads with the radio.  

 We wrapped up the day by transporting the compressor to the Foxfire Course for tomorrow.  

   We even had time to deliver Mrs. Graves Christmas lights. Jim also changed the oil in her cart which will be delivered tomorrow.  


Leaf Senescence, Greens Too Fast, Staff is 5 for 36 Holes! Fall Fertility! Elon Homecomming! 

2 Corinthians 4:15For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.

We had another busy weekend at Foxfire Golf Club with the annual Jack Frost Jack Daniels golf tournament. The staff did an excellent job preparing the Players Golf Course for this event while the Foxfire Golf Course was open for regular play last Saturday! I had the opportunity to play with an aspiring PGA player Steve Lee.  I always enjoy hiring and playing with people much better or smarter than I am because it inspires me to continue learning and improving! We did not win, but neither of us woke up that morning saying what can we do to lose! We put up a good fight and finished six under in a 2 man scramble! 

 I was recently asked “Why do the leaves change colors on the trees?” The brilliant fall colors come from leaf senescence. This is a nice plant pathology term used to describe the process of dying leaves on plants. The leaves change colors in the Fall because the trees are “winterizing “or drawing the chlorophyll back in to the tree to store nutrients for the Spring. God’s perfect timing permits all seasons to change.  







  Travis was able to fertilize the greens last week before the first frost of the season and this will help a little with the leaf senescence on the bentgrass greens.  However it is primarily for next Spring. We utilized an Andersons greens grade “DG” product and after the rain Saturday I noticed some slight growth on the top of the plant. But we apply this nutrient application for the roots. The grass metabolizes nutrients just like trees.  

I have had several comments that the greens are too fast! This is one of the best times of the year to golf in Ohio and the leaf senescence reduces the ball friction on the putting surface. Along with much drier cooler weather the speeds have increased upwards to an eleven or twelve. Hit a club less and keep the ball below the hole. 

We tried to fertilize the Foxfire Golf Course today, and may celebrate a small victory in the fact that 3.5 holes were completed before the axel fell off the Lily. I was going to hook up the Vicon spreader  but could not get the backhoe or bob cat started today to get access to it. I will try again in the morning. I really wanted this fertilizer out today with the forecasted rain expected.  We did spend a great deal of time trouble shooting both of these before and after I drug the lily to the shop. You may notice an edge along the main drive on the side of the road. That’s me and the lily. No choice but to drag it back with the axel dragging.


Victory below a small set back above! The towel is to keep the fertilizer from getting in my ears since two of the fingers or shoots flew off today when we started.  

 I still remain positive progress is being made and we will scrap this unit and buy a new one someday. The opportunity cost to repair it is far greater than a newer used one! And this was our good Lily, I think! I will try the other one tomorrow to confirm this because it will take five or six hours to charge the bob cat anyway.  The shop is steadily improving and organization has taken place.

We got to visit Westchester last week and here is what Mark is doing in his sand bunkers. Every year he budgets to replace three to five bunkers and replaces the drainage on a schedule so that in ten to fifteen years all the traps are replaced.  

 Next week we will commence blowing out or winterizing the irrigation system. I had Mike utilize his metal detector to locate and mark a few brass quick couplers last week on the Foxfire Golf Course.  

 #8 Foxfire should be a little better now that we have have located the quick coupler just past the bridge that goes to the fairway. Last Tuesday we replaced the fuel pump at the club house for the golf carts.  

 Preparation for the tournament last Saturday. Travis mowing greens and Rodriguez changing pins.  

 We started on #9 Players Saturday. Brad did an excellent job mowing the fairways last week for the tournament. We still are utilizing 3/4 of a fairway mower for 36 holes and the range tee. 

A few weeks ago we sprayed grape koolaide around the greens where the geese are problematic and have had less traffic on them if any. I added sugar just for carbohydrates! We had 100 packs of grape koolaide and 15 pounds of dextrose sugar cane. 

 Last Thursday number 6 Players had geese but they were off the green and away from where we had sprayed the koolaide. Not bad for 10 dollars and some sugar! 

 Many people ask me what Elon is. Elon is a University and also the Hebrew word for Oak or “Under the Oaks” Nancy and I both graduated there and we were blessed to be able to attend her 20th class reunion. Mine is next year! Wow the college has grown and and will always be home! Many of her family members attended as well as numerous Dardens’ & Nicks’. And yes I did get a medal for finishing second place in my age division for a marathon she entered us in. Or a 5k walk/run!  


  We found our bricks! Mine has an irrigation line under it! Of course! Going to the new island or 10 year old island bed in front of the Mosley Center!   


 No trip back home would be complete with out meeting the football coach on a Thursday night during his radio show with classmate Taylor Durham. Coach Rick Skrosky at the Fatt Frogg!   

   We used to be the Fightning Christians and I still wear my hat but now they are the flying Phoneix. The NCAA said that there can not be a religious affiliated mascot when we went to Division I. Unless of course it’s demonic like the Deamon Decons of Wake Forest or the Duke Blue Devils! Long Live Elon! 

Fall Swing Course Update! Staff reductions continue 14 for 36 holes! 

Matthew 6:34

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

The weather has been perfect this week and we were able to get some great photos of sunrises, golf cart windshields in trees, transitional statues, and many other events on the course! I expect the golf rounds to continue to be busy during the week days! We will pray the current weather pattern holds up for a few more months! It looks like we have one day of rain per week for 3 weeks in a row and that is excellent. The lows will be in the high forties and the highs will be in the mid to upper seventies. 

We began clearing the wild Japanese holly along the green on one Foxfire and will continue selected holes on Players around tees and greens. Mike is working on this solo so we will see how far he gets. 



  We may add some grass seed in this area or sow some wild flower seed there next year to add color since it is on the drive in to the club. 

We began needle tineing the greens last week and got four or five holes completed before the timming linkage on the cogs to the rocker arms became untimely. This unit is 16 years old which is about six years past its life span for an aerifier. Ideally we could utilize six of these units and perform this once a month with verticutting.  


  The large putting green will be closed for a few weeks. We needle tined, and top dressed it last week. The lower end of the putting green has had over 80,000 feet walk across it this summer and I think a slight break from traffic will give the green time to rebuild its turgidity.  There were two slight thin spots down by the tree which already filled back in.  Grass lives and dies everyday we just want to reproduce new plants faster than the old ones die.



 Untimely above causes spooning or heaving of the canopy and I do not want that. Jim is in the process of aligning the belts and linkage on the unit and we may do a few more holes this Fall.  Coreing is not necessary and this is non disruptive to the putting surface except when it is not properly operating. This only happened on one pass on 6 Foxfire. Coring to remove organic matter is essentially ineffective based on mathematical principals alone, and we do not have an abundant amount of organic matter on the greens anyway. A healthy underground biological ecosystem containing organic matter is like a savings account with funds available (nutrients) to draw from.  I believe the report I did this summer showed we had five to six percent OM, which means it’s actually only one or two percent combustible OM. This is an excellent rate on return when we applied less than .5lbs on nitrogen per/M ft^2 all season through liquid fertility and utilizing acids to draw out available nutrients in the bank thus saving on current opportunity cost of more nitrogen.  We tried to spray the greens yesterday, but the sprayer failed and after five hours of diagnosing actuators and solenoids we discovered there was a bad cell in the battery. We installed a new battery and we will finish the application today. 
      Aerifier in the shop with chain below adjusted. Each side has a chain and then there are timming belts inside like a car that have to be aligned as well. 
The growth regulator on the fairways is wearing off and creating more grass clippings.  We will try and back lap the reels today because the quality of cut is rapidly declining since we only have 3/4 of a fairway unit to mow 36 holes.  This truly has been a miracle this summer to get by with a partial fairway unit. Brad and Jim have done an excellent job, but the Primo has absolutely saved us and kept the grass in check from producing excess verdure. Ergo, we will not be fertilizing fairways this week with staff reductions, no primo, and warmer weather. We will wait until next week or the week after that to apply the fall fertility. This is a best management practice ergonomically right now.  

Paula, Skipper, and Terry on 18 Players on a Tuesday enjoying the afternoon. Thank you for your help this past summer!  

 We repaired some irrigation leaks on Foxfire last week and charged up the system Tuesday. We are scheduled to drain the systems Nocember 1 & 2 this year.   

We had to sharpen a tee mower reel this week and a tire fall off the greens mower yesterday on Players so we only have one tee mower available right now and the grass is growing faster than it did during the summer on the Foxfire course as well as Players.  

   We got what’s left of the pull behind Lely spreader ready to put out the fertilizer when it is time.  The shoots on it are worn out and the axel is dragging a little bit, but the gear is turning on the drive wheel so we should be okay for one more application with this Lely.  
 We began pushing up the dump pile so we can burn it this fall. We had to stop that because the smoke stack fell off the backhoe and we will have to get it started again. The dump is almost pushed up in to one small mountain.  

I did get the logs up off of 15 Foxfire and 14 Foxfire Tuesday.  

Nancy got the window shield out of the tree on 14 Foxfire that a golfer had thrown in to the tree for some reason. That’s is why we go back to the top of the post and only worry about one day at a time because tomorrow will definitely be there soon enough!  

 Last Monday before I went to the OTF fund raiser at Pennicle Travis and I got to meet Kate.  

 OTF at Pennicle was a success as well as the Foxfire vs Westchester round one outing on Players!  

The Staff from Westchester came over last week and we go there next week to see there course.  

  Treceia teeing off on 18 Players!   
Chuck has done an excellent job on the tractor blower keeping up with the leaves. It is a daily assignment right know and he is the perfect leaf distributor!  




Tournaments, Bunker Work, Irrigation Repairs, Seeding, Striping, 16 Staff for 36! NCR Meeting Harrells & Syngenta

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10 NIV)

Great job Staff! All of you did an excellent job this week preparing for today’s 280 plus outing! We had an outstanding usual week at Foxfire Golf Club overcoming obstacles and improving the courses. We spent a good deal of time in the bunkers and with out rain they turned out the best I have seen them this summer. Thanks Chuck for allowing us to borrow your tiller, and bunkering the port holes in the pump house so the Christmas ornaments do not continue to get wet!  We will use the sand in the bunkers once the pump is repaired! Mrs. Graves did say we can fix the check valve and clay valve! We will assess that in a couple of weeks when Vince returns from Colorado! 

  We need about ten more full time team members, and a new sand pro to restore them to the architects original intention. We can do one bunker at a time by repairing or adding subsurface drainage, and sand! I am blessed that I can still teach this labor intensive work. We found a few pockets of sand and I went through my operating procedures from standing on the tee box and explaining what our objective was in the bunkers.  

  Luis in 9 Players above, and Travis tilling 13 Fairway below.   
13 Fairway bunker above after tilled raked and edges tamped in. A gas powered plate Tamp from Franklin Equipment would assist in packing the faces so the golf balls do not plug. 

Brad did an excellent job striping the fairways this week in to checkerboards! Even though the fairway mower broke down three times this week Jim was able to get it running again and Brad stayed late to finish mowing. The cut on the reels is great we have an intermittent fue/fire/air/temperature/sensors with the 6700D, ergo it is going to take some time to diagnose and repair correctly.  

 Nancy, Fred, and Trecia did an outstanding job mowing all the rough and Chuck was able to continue some secondary rough or “high grass” along with operating the tractor blower. Unfortunately, the 4000-D rough unit blew a hydraulic hose on #10 Players around the ladies tee so you will notice a brown ring around that teeing surface. Nancy noticed it and stopped Trecia. We only lost 3 gallons of hydraulic fluid!  

 Jim was able to repair the line in the field by taking a hose off the broken 4000-D at the shop! We were up and running again with in a couple of hours.  

 Travis was able to repair the solenoid on 9 tee Players and seed the irrigation repair on #14 Foxfire!  

 Pushing up bunker edges below and locating the original bunker sand.  

      Thanks Chuck for getting new tires for your High Grass mower and the Toro Sandpro. We were able to use the Toro but the hydrostatic pump needs replaced. 

  Our landscape crew was able to finish the mulch beds behind the clubhouse last Saturday! The Mums are out and Fall is coming!  

Thank you Jim Champion Director of Agronomy at NCR Country Club for hosting the meeting sponsored by Harrells and Syngenta. Thank you Jim Dillard and Greg Schaner for the updates on the new products. The course was absolutely amazing! 




Cart Path Only Players Fairways on Foxfire and 6 Team Members for 36 Holes!

Preparing for another golf outing this morning. We had .62″ at the shop .80″ at the halfway house, which is in another area code or about 1 mile west of the shop, and .7″ on Players. Another great day for golf. The high today was at 3:00 AM with 65 degrees, and the wind will be out of the North at 9mph with gusts up to 15-20! We started at 4:30 this morning to prepare the courses. The forecast for the next ten days has the low in the low fifties and the highs will be in the low to mid seventies! Back to long sleeves and pants. I turned the “pump” off on both courses this morning to save electricty on the Players Club and we have an irrigation leak to repair on #14 Foxfire on Monday!  Travis and I hooked the sump pump up and pumped off two Foxfire green this morning! Shades are on at 5:00 AM for the camera and eye protection of course! After 42 years of living today safety glasses are a must when working outside! 
Thank you Chuck for getting the guys the miner lights yesterday! We will utilize them the rest of the year with the sunrise at 7:10 EST today and tee times at 7:00AM and shotguns starting at 8:00AM we have to work in the dark prepare the Championship golf courses! Travis below hooking Pump up to pump off the green.

   Luis above and “The Judge” below.  
 Elijah on the sand pro on #6 Players. 

 #10 Foxfire Green above and T.J. Aka “Ralphy” from The Christmas Story below on #13 Foxfire green. We went from zero mowers working at one point on Thursday to having 3 greens mowers with freshly charged batteries on Saturday! The units are so old the charging systems can not produce enough power to re-charge the batteries because of the after market lights. 

 Thursday morning on Foxfire before the outing on Foxfire we had regular play. This is always interesting and no one was injured. I have seen this many times in the last 24 years but never before any beverages have been consumed! These four guys are in there thirties. The one that jumped out of the cart was an engineer, and we had a Fedex driver, and a Barney and Smith stock broker. The Judge saw it happen. The guy already hit a bad shot across the road from two to seventeen. And went to view the green and went full speed back towards the creek locked up the brakes spun in a flat 360 spin like NASCAR and jumped out right before he went in the creek!  

  Travis, Swampy, and I got it hooked up with a chain and Brad was able to pull it out with the Kubota! Cart 56 went to the pits for about thirty minutes, got a new micro switch and finished the race only a few laps down! Kyle in the blue shirt was the driver like Kyle Busch apparently. I said this yesterday on Instagram @darden73 that they all must have gone to “The Ohio State University” sorry buckeye fans but a N.C. State alum would not have done this!  The poor guy was worried about his telephone. I said we will get your phone sir but I have to pick the cart up first, and get the minnows out of my pockets! 

I found his phone with my bare foot! I always go In barefooted! Unfortunately for him and his telephone my left foot has about 226 lbs of foot pressure so his water tight case leaked a little bit! Have a great weekend ya’ll! From our course to yours! 


Course Update Tournaments, Irrigation, September Heat! 

Luke 10:2And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. (“or the equipment”)Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out(“equipment”) laborers into his harvest. I added equipment but thank you for your prayers last week! With only 1 & 3/4 of a pump for 300 plus acres we needed rain, and when the Baptist pray God answers. Not just for the Baptist but I heard he answers their prayers first! Both greens mowers broke down this morning on the first day of a home series of outings that last through the end of the month. We were able to get the greens cut on Players where the tournament will be today, tomorrow, and Saturday! 

  Thanks Mike Sloma from Residex and the Mirage for fairways. It worked great for a couple of days! I’m glad we are “Backed by Bayer” see you all later this morning. Mike below assisting in the sump pump drainage on five Players. We got rain & lightning! 
 It just takes awhile for the sump pump to move the water. Lightning below snapped a few cards.  

 Retired Federal Circuit Court “Judge” needed his jump box and Nancy did too so we could finish mowing greens. Also Chuck had to wait for a jump box too on the tractor blower but it wasn’t enough so we had go get his Dodge Ram 350. We also have to turn the jump boxes around quickly and get them back out to the tee mowers so they can finish all before 9:00 AM EST! 
 This too shall pass said the Judge! 

Travis rolled the Foxfire greens and watered them to get the dew off for members and regular play.  


 Jim had a trick he learned from Chuck he learned in Vietnam. But we need the Dodge anyway, and different jumper cables because we had to cut the end off our cables  to fix the blue jump box.  

 Chuck took me to Century yesterday and wanted to buy this mower but it was 30k and it has snow plow attachments!  

 Travis figured out how to start Chuck’s truck. Let’s see if it will crank the Kubota! Wow heck of day.  

   Irrigation watering in the grub control and checking the irrigation.  
 TJ was able to utilize our 30 year old fairway blower last week for a little while. We just rebuilt the engine in it!  

 18 Players tee broken gear drive was reputed and several solenoids this past week. We still have one more solenoid to switch on #9 Players tee and we should be back in complete operating order on the Players club. And with 10 minutes left Nancy is quick on the jump box turn around and air tank for TJ tee mower. Thanks for your prayers please keep praying.  

Chuck is going again!  

And a week ago last Monday I got to take Dad to the Central Ohio chapter meeting at the Clippers baseball game! Last time we went Dad took me 30 years ago.  


Course Update Pray for RAIN! 

Nehemiah 1:11
O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant, and to the prayer of your servants who delight to fear your name, and give success to your servant today, and grant him mercy in the sight of this man.” Now I was cupbearer to the king.
The end of August means we are closer to the Autumn Equinox but the high pressure siting over us the next 8-14 days will bring high temperatures in the upper 80’s to low 90’s which will be the hottest of the year so far. We had highs last week in the 60’s and 70’s. We will also remain dry with only a slim chance of rain, and that means the grass will have some dry areas due to the low humidity and higher temperatures. This will occur on the fairways on both courses primarily because of the 2 failed pumps and a third big pump on Players has a crack in the column as well. By the time this is published I will be night watering the Foxfire Course Fairways. We had a great start to the week last week organizing the last box on the Players Club back to its original pattern to coincide with the site pro software. These got out of order when the grandchildren wired the boxes prior to my arrival. Brad was able to help with this. I went through each wire, located, and labeled it. This takes about 4-6 hours depending on the number of wires.  

  Brad takes great photos! Capturing the moment after a zap! Yes 28 volts will increase your heart rate a little.   The multi colored strand bell wire has a pattern as well. All the boxes should look like this in the top with the eight various colors in an order for every out put board. 

  Complete back in order.  
Terecia continued to mow rough and well there’s one less tree to cut down.  

 Tree trimming is on the list and is over due by a few decades in many spots but we were blessed to have the utility company come and trim the trees going down 16 foxfire. Hopefully we will get an assessment later today to see what timber values are bringing.  
With the pump columns broken in the Players pump house I am estimating we have the ability to water at 38-40% capacity. I can not quantify the field pressure reduction at night with the new cracked column yet but I am sure there is some.  

 We were able to spray greens last week and we will begin spraying the fairways this week with a plant protectant, plant nutrients, and wetting agents.  

 A week ago Last Saturday night Nancy and I got to see our first MSL Crew match! In the big City! Thanks Jim & Gregg the seats were great! Wesley the field looks wonderful. Congratulations, you & your staff are doing an excellent job! I look forward to the tour!  

 The beverage cart broke down Wednesday night and we were able to get the secondary clutch installed Friday morning so we would have two beverage carts for the weekend. Jim also got the parts in to repair the front axel on cart 118 and a solenoid switch for our workhorse utility cart.  The greens mowers had a rough week as well with the hydraulic issues on the Foxfire greens mower and electrical issues on the Players Club greens mower we were still able to mow the greens before the outings and regular play this week.  Secondary clutch installed below on the Ez-go beverage cart! 

 Front axel repair above! We were also able to mow the fairways this weekend before the outings! Tees, collars,and approaches were also mowed on Saturday before the wounded warrior outing on Players! 

   This week began yesterday with the irrigation box on #8 Players failing so I re-wired all the common wires and replaced a fuse on Sunday morning. I noticed the dew pattern was off a little and when I inspected the box and radio signal there was none! It is up and running again and was only down for one night. Usually one yellow common wire is needed in the main Receiver card on the bottom right but I believe having more is not better in this situation. I fixed the box how it should be and we will see if it continues to operate properly. # 3 Players was the same way a few weeks ago and it has been operating well since I replaced the transformer and re-connected the common wires properly. Time will tell! This is also 2 miles from the shop ergo radio signals travel the farthest to this box! 
   The magneto or alternator is failing on the new greens mower with 6000 hours. We do have a new used spare alternator for the rebuilt motor we just put on in June otherwise we will have to continue switching batteries out half way through the course. This will be our project today and Tuesday and will skip mowing greens on the Players Club on Monday.  
  These reels are acuated by an electronic solenoid with a hand joystick and do not take over hydraulically until they are set down then it takes direct current power to raise them up again. When the battery is not charging it fails quickly especially when we are utilizing the lights to see in the morning. Sunrise is at 7:00 AM now so it is vital to repair this but it takes extra time disassembling the fly wheel off the motor and taking the motor off of the unit to perform this task because we do not have a lift. As the engine spins there are copper windings or magnets that create electricity and send it back to the battery. When these magnets get worn, they do not send a charge. The great news is we remain dedicated to the mission of presenting two golf courses to the best our ability with the resources available! 

Irrigation repairs, mulch, cooler weather, equipment repair, thanks Syngenta, Sloma, and Schaner! 

We continue to work with 2 pumps for two courses and one benefit of this is the utility bill is reduced significantly. We will need to plan to get all four major pumps overhauled and repaired next year. The other columns will not last much longer. The field repairs continue as we switch out solenoids and level heads. Thanks Mark Novotny for the tip Wednesday on tightening up the multitude of common wires! It worked.  

Jim was able to rebuild Mrs. Graves riding mower this week! Travis & Nancy mowed Ray’s and Mrs. Graves lawn as well as the club house.   

 We lost four more college students this week so keeping up with the details will become more challenging. However we were able to spray and begin mulching the HOA or area which should be an HOA to the entrance off of the other state highway on Players. 

We are still under coverage with our disease applications and nutrient management applications.  I have added a buffer to the water to prolong the efficacy and ergonomic output of the products we are utilizing. We still remain well under the national average for 36 holes on expenses in this category.  

Thank you Residex, Syngenta, Nick McAdow from Upper Landsdowne for hosting the information meeting Thursday. Course was in great shape Nick. Great to see George from Raintree South. George and I worked together at New Albany CC over two decades ago. Enjoyed catching up. And Schaner thank you for the Slab of cow! Your are the best traveling steak griller in the country! We should talk about expanding your operation to some Central Ohio meetings! I’d post a photo of the beef but with all the regulations coming at us it may have been too big of a piece of steak, and we ate it all! As you may see below! 

  Nick had a little Florida flavor here with a certain kind of Palm! Great to have Jim Turner fly up from Florida to speak about water quality and Ph.  

I got to play a few holes of golf with one of my agronomy members Wednesday. Fred is 77 and can stripe rough with the best but I was most impressed with his fishing ability and casting. It came down to the wire and he won by 2 shots.