July 25, 2015 Course Update! 

The rains have stopped and I re-charged the Players Club pump station yesterday and re-wired the irrigation box on #15 Players Club! Remember we only have the ability to water at 47% capacity right now until we get the 3 pumps replaced. Ergo, we will have to rotate different holes during the night and water will continue running thru the morning ahead of play. We had another packed day today which is great. We will be hand watering greens when applicable. All the fairways, tees, and greens are on schedule with their plant protectants from diseases, and have had nutrient applications.  

Sunrise Friday Morning!  

 Senior League from Tuesday! 


Turtleman caught a couple big turtles out of the Little Walnut Creek somewhere around here! 58lbs. And the one that was still alive was 38lbs. That should feed him for awhile.  

   Treceia did an excellent job mowing rough while Nancy was on vacation even when she had tree branches on top of her!  
   Jim repaired the range picker twice this week, and we finally got the fairway unit cutting correctly with 5 out of the 7 reels operating! Brad was able to stripe all the fairways. I like the checkers!  
I enjoyed playing a few holes of Golf on Friday with some of the members and Tom, the owner!  



   Jim got the motor taken off of Mrs. Graves Ariens zero turn mower to rebuild one of the pistons.  

   A busy Saturday morning included mowing rough and irrigation repairs. Travis learned how to switch out a sprinkler head on #18 Foxfire tee and mowed some secondary rough on one Players.  
 The Judge is back with laser vision and laser stripes.  

 Irrigation running on #15 Players this morning! 

 Halfway house flowers and beds will have mulch added to them next week! 

 The Parking lot at 8:45 AM Saturday!  

 Irrigation watering the Garden at the house!  


Great Day for Golf @ Foxfire Golf Club, Inc 6939 Days on Monday!

Thank you Ms. NC for the best 6939 days of marriage or 19 years on Monday including leap years etc for those without accounting degrees! Cook you can appreciate that working downtown in the big building at Huntington! I know you’ll audit it. I checked it man day by day! I’m not much on celebrations early because there are two days to go but I’m pretty confident that I’ll make it to Monday!  And Happy 375 days to my sister and brother-in-law in the Portland Zone where everything seems higher and slower! Hope to see you at Christmas and the Mt. Hood! Love Oregon! 

Thank you Agronony Team for another amazing week of ergonomic out put given the resources available. Travis, Brad, Jim, Chuck, Luis, and the rest of the team if your not mentioned you are just that much more important! Paula thank you for finishing the rough on Players last night we had it scheduled today but Chuck had to help Barb with the Grove City Alumi tournament today.  So that worked out well!  Great to have a few local Superintendents playing out here today. I hope yall enjoy!  We were so excited to get our Triplex repaired and then another cylinder blew out and as of today it is repaired again. Most likely what will eventually happen is the main hydraulic pump will blow out.  

No Catastrophic damage was done on 15 Foxfire rough where it happened. If anything it helped slow the grass down from growing. We continue to battle dollar spot and both Courses were sprayed with Primo/ Secure or Propiconozole. The greens were sprayed yesterday with a 3:30 AM start, with Alliette/Fore and some Fertilizer from JB knife and protesyn. Dr. Leon T Lucas at NC State invented the Alliette or what is now called Signature a long time ago for Bentgrass stress etc. and it works wonders! Thank you Dr. Lucas I’ll always remember you smoking your pipe in the class room. A New Pump on the sprayer with warranty seals, new solenoids, new switches, and a new pressure regulator made for a great day of spraying for the first time In the last two years we finally got the rig dialed in! But the motor will go out next in my professional opinion! There are 6000 hours on the unit! 

 White dot is the towel in the cup! Two people are required under my standard operating procedures to spray greens! One spotter Travis, and one driver. This increases the assurance of accuracy and consistentcy! Four eyes are always better than two!  Thank you to my niece Kaylee for the John Deere Gloves I wore them for you and they worked well! God Bless John Deere!  
Sunrise Friday Am.  

I saw my main special ops operator without a hat the other day and I just knew he lost it and mowed it in the battle. I have seen that before on TV! Ergo, he got my 1993 TORO hat to go with the rough unit! Chuck can cut some grass! Thanks Chuck don’t mow that hat it’s a collector just like the rough unit you are driving. God Bless Toro!!! The hat came from either New Albany CC or Alamance it’s been that long I can’t remember but it got autographed by me and given away! That made the 500th hat I had given to a staff member that was given to me by a vendor over the last twenty four years!  I wouldn’t be where I am today with out the great people all across the country whom I’ve been blessed to work with and learn from! Why I know that Hats the 500th one is because I have thanked and remember each one that was brought to me! I just held on to that hat and there is always a right time and place to give a hat away!! That’s my last one Chuck! Wear it with honor sir!  

  The Hat is actually twenty years older than the rough mower! But it looks newer! The square cut billboard hat is apparently back in style now Chuck don’t bend the brim anymore! Great job this morning guys getting the courses ready by 730 so the outing could tee off at 745! It’s absolutely a miracle that we got it done with 3 utility carts and two pro shop carts! I would have more photos but I didn’t have a cart so I walked and played golf before the outing to Check out my new clubs and see the course! With a personal cell phone, wifi, and a radio I was able to track the team and their location. My staff Is trained well enough that I don’t worry about what we don’t have I thank God for what we do have! Courses have never looked better in the last ten years! 

   I shot even on the three holes I played! 

And then there were two! Our utility fleet dropped by 50% after me and Jim pushed the cart back the last 50 feet from the pro shop.  

The great news is we are organized! And the carts and mowers are in their spaces!  

Tawny at BlackHawk? More Rain Progress and Play Continue! Course Update! 

Proverbs 12:14 From the fruit of his mouth a man is satisfied with good, and the work of a man’s hand comes back to him.

I got a call this morning from Kurt Boggs the Superintendent  from Blackhawk and a photo of what appears to be an adult Tawney Mole Cricket. Not native to this region of the country. I have only seen these In the Carolinas Southward, laterally and South West part of the country mostly below the transition zone. If these critters are migrating North that will change the nature of the industry financially for the mid west! I think it is just a rare occurrence and may have even been translocated through a traveler or caught up in the jet stream out of the South West front that blew up a week or so ago out of the Houston area from the tropical weather pattern. The control for these is the same product used on Canine and Feline for the treatment of fleas and ticks called fipronil. It is highly expensive to treat preventatively on golf courses so let’s hope it is just another rare occasion and not a pattern of tolerance and migration Northward for this golfing market. We have enough issues up here with disease pressure on C3 grasses to equate the costs of cricket treatment in the South.  
We have had another deluge of rain this evening and the leagues were postponed today, but we were able to get the leagues and outings off yesterday even with the rain from Sunday! We have not had as much rain at Foxfire as the course North of Columbus but still remain soggy and are keeping up with our regularly scheduled fungicide applications when the sprayers are functioning.   

We will remain Cart Path Only on the Players Club today and try to open the grass cart paths on Foxfire but when we allow that the printing from the carts will appear. This is after Monday’s horseman outing on Foxfire. It is no great concern long term it just appears badly due to the clay being brought up from the cart tires on the lower areas. Most golfers seem to gravitate towards the wettest areas and then repeat each other.  There are not enough signs nor rope to increase common sense in people! You can not learn it or buy it! You either have it or you do not. If you see previous tracks from other carts I would suggest you drive to the area where there Are no tracks and the elevation is 10-15 feet higher.  

 There is no real lasting damage agronomically.  We pressured up the Foxfire irrigation system today primarily to evaluate the seven irrigation repairs and have access to more water volume for washing equipment and filling the spray tank.   

 Grass seed has been ordered to seed any areas that were repaired. Someday a sod cutter would be a valuable tool to have and these areas could be covered back up immediately after repairs were made. We have been continuously working on all the equipment we have and the next unit to go back out will be the 6700 D with modified freshly ground units so we can grind the 6700 Reels that go with that mower. We retro fitted some 5500 D cutting units so that we would have something operational to mow fairways with other than the triplexes. One of the  triplex units had a cylinder leak last week on five Players fairway. It was not noticed by the operator until after several passes were made and it was under the unit. This is not detrimental either it is just a slight set back of discoloration to the turf in a few areas. 

We were able to add an extra hand in the shop this afternoon to assist in transferring the 250 lb reels since we do not have a lift it takes more than one person to switch the reels over. The triplex that was leaking oil had the lift cylinder switched out today and is back In operation. We found an older model sitting in the barn next door that had a matching  donor so we transplanted the cylinder to the unit.  

The new pump on the greens sprayer blew the seals out and will be replaced today under warranty but we have not had a smooth run with the unit and look forward to having it operate properly next time it goes out to spray greens. We did spray the Players Club but the leak got much worse so we switched to spraying the tees on Foxfire to get the product out of the tank and ready for another repair.  

Weap holes are doing their job by allowing the water to blow out since the seals are blown! This is a feature so the cast iron doesn’t crack and the pump does not need replaced. It just needs disassembled completely and have new seals replaced which is about a two hour project. But we have to have a greens sprayer. Everything else on it has been replaced but the tank, frame, and motor. Those could fail next at anytime given the age of the traction  unit. Toro has quit making some parts for it due to its age. The great news is the staff has kept up with the bunkers after each rain daily and prepared the course for play to the best of or ability given the resources. Weed work continues daily in mulch beds and crab grass break through has been sprayed in fairways and bunker faces on both courses. #12 Foxfire fairway crabgrass dying.  

Many irrigation leaks were repaired this past week including many quick couplers and a main 4″ T in front of number one Foxfire.  

  I had to jump in on this one and help after they didn’t get the first coupling taught that’s why there are two couplings on the right side of the hole. Nothing major just an extra coupling and the area was back filled with clay and a support block behind the T.  I’m glad I can still teach by showing.   
Travis also cored and seeded the white tee box on 16 Players and began adding drainage at the end of 15 Players Fairway today with Joey. That area will be tilled and seeded as well.  

  The guys continue to work diligently in the bunkers.  

 My first shot with new clubs in to 15 green Fox last week with a 60 degree wedge from about 50 yards out! Excited to have new clubs. I hope I get to used them soon! Thanks Matt Auen and Brian Sikema for your assistance in obtaining these! I hope to see yall soon again someday! 


 Thank you Todd & Heidi Voss for hosting the COGCSA meeting Sarurday night at Hooch & Hos’ Beach Bar in Galena. Nancy and all of us had a great time!  A little Sarasota in Galena! 

 Todd says if the Pirate Flag is flying at Double Eagle you are welcome to stop in!! 

The Hollidays are Over Young Buck! 

This week we have been continued our quest in repairing our greens sprayer and will install a new solenoid bank to the unit!  The pressure regulator, switches, pump, and drive belts have all been replaced! The cracked solenoid has intermittently failed and we need a reliable device and the new one arrived today and we will install it tomorrow! 

We have continued to work on bunkers daily and even with the rain our 16,000ft^2 plus bunker on #8 Players has never looked better in the last two years. We continue to treat the un-wanted grasses and fertilize the mono stand of turf we desire! Great job guys! 

Even though we only have one pump on each course operational and we have not had to utilize them recently we still must repair and maintain the irrigation pipe. There are several leaks we are working on this week on the Foxfire course and one head was replaced on #8 Fairway on the Players Course. We have a 4*4*3″  main line T connection in front of one Foxfire green that was repaired many years ago and did not hold up. After seeing how it was repaired I am not surprised it did not hold up!  The correct schedule pipe will be utilized this time and it should last until it blows out again!  I can not say how long a repair will last, but this one appears to have been eight to ten years old given the style of fittings used!  I drove to Hillard today and got the proper fittings to repair the leak again!  

 The old repair knock ons, T, and other glued couplings will be cut out tomorrow and the new repair will be complete if the main line completely drains out! I believe the cup was placed in the hole by one of my novice photographers trying to help me size up the pipe!  That will also be removed. They have seen me place coins on the green to mark an area for size and thought the coffee cup would help me figure out what size the pipe was!  Everyone is being so helpful taking photos and sending them to me! They know by now if they want to tell me something, that I am going to say, “I’m from the “Showme State.”  We have a lake valve open, and quick coupler sprinklers in the low areas to help drain the system. I will update a completed photo after we are finished. 

We also have several quick couplers leaking and after being in the ground for forty plus years now it is not surprising. We will switch out any broken ones with a regular head so we can key it on when needed. This leak below on 13 foxfire is actually at an old repair as well. The quick coupler is still good and we will reuse it on another fairway, and add a sprinkler head here since it is next to the tee box. The foxfire course is the old style center row quick coupler irrigation where the brass knocker style sprinkler has to be placed in to the fairway at night to water when needed! The greens and tee areas were upgraded to electric valve in head sprinklers at the turn of the century!  

Nancy and I spotted this Young Buck on the drive in to the house on the Quarry! It looks like he may end up an 8-10 Pt. Two doe jumped out in front of us and we stopped and saw the Buck! What a great sighting. Live trail cam!!  

I think I found the culprit eating the Garden! This guy can tear it up in no time!! He got one hot pepper plant, a bell pepper plant, and some beans! I guess we Need a bigger fort around the garden!! We usually have plenty for everyone but we can’t let them tear it up before we get fruit on the vine!! 

Happy 4th of July Course Update!

2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

Thank you staff and owners for the help this week! Travis, Jim, Brad, Nancy, Trececia, Chuck, Brady, Luis, Rodriguez, Sam, Elias, Elijah, Brady, TJ, Jake S, Jake H, Joey, Jared,Fred, and the rest of yall, great job this week! 

My father’s mother, a widow of a Reverend and a WWII Vetern turns 94 this month, and my parents have been married 17,532 days as of July 2, 2015. My brother and lawyer had his birthday July 3, 2015. This country needs more relationships like all of my grandparents, parents, aunts & uncles marriage. I believe one hundred percent that the decline and issues with our country starts with the Church and the family! Our Country needs its’ Spirit back! Our Constitution is being greatly altered and compromised by the current administration! Personally, I have had many family members serve, die, and defend this flag and the U.S. Constitution! Our Founding Fathers of the USA wrote the Constitution forever! It is as written, and not a “living breathing document” to be altered at the whim of any current elected official! If you want a Bible and a gun, carry one and don’t hide it!! Be proud to be a free American! There are no permits needed for your Bible or your Gun!  And 75 of the Darden’s and Nicks’ served and defended during the Cival War and American Revolution! Thank you all! Colonel Petrek, as always sir, this Flags for you! Let’s go golfing soon! I got my new clubs this week!  The Fourth of July starts here at the front gate of the plantation at 4:30 AM. Come see the show at Foxfire and see what God is doing and providing for many families! 

 Just after sunrise on 6 Players Club!  

A Clogged drain on 5 Players unclogged this morning!  

We have had over 9 inches of rain in June and .03″ last night. The disease pressure this season has been much greater than last summer! We are covered but have been batteling issues with our greens sprayer! We hope the new switches will correct any issues with that! We have replaced the pump, belts, and pressure regulator, but again this unit has over 6000 hours on it and will need replaced someday! 

Our sand pro broke down today as well but even with only two utility carts operating and a rotating staff of 18 people for 36 holes both courses were prepared the best I have seen them in the last two years for this weekend. We had 3 guys hand rake all the green side bunkers today and all 39 greens were triplexed as well as the cups changed!  

  Sam, the son of a preacher and our new amigo Rodriguez hand raked the Players Club bunkers while Dalton hand raked the Foxfire course!   
Pre tee time starts are normal for Foxfire Golf Club we accommodate all the members’ and guests what ever time they want to play. Steve  and his group play every Saturday at sunrise! 

This view in the morning reminds me to be grateful for what we do have and not worry about what we do not have! 

  TJ mowed the Foxfire greens and Akron graduate Brady set the pins for the day! Luis and Elijah set up Players Club! Brad was able to mow all the fairways this week in between hydraulic leaks. And some of the wetter holes on Players Club were triplexed with the tee mowers. 

Jim and I installed the new starter to the Massey Fergueson driving range antique tractor and I firmly believe the new starter blew the front head gasket out as it shot oil out the front of the engine block during its return. The great news is we do not have to change the oil in it but we will need to figure out what gasket or seal is leaking form the engine, but it starts now with out a hammer.  I did have to modify a housing bracket  to retro fit an after market starter! No that’s not why it leaking it was part of an L bracket that held the original starter in place and the new one was a little bigger with less room for that bracket which had the metric housing nut molded in to it from the factory. 


The hammer however is needed for the worm gear in the John Deere sand pro to knock back in place when it unwinds to far to actuate the rear rake lift mechanism. Training in progress! One whack at 3 mph puts the gear back in place. However, today’s issues were a slightly stuck throttle cable.   

 Brad and Chuck mowed the range tees yesterday and the primo is helping tremendously. The tenement on wheels is not cousin Eddie’s  it’s the owners tradition for the week of the fourth to go camping at the course!! No Chuck didn’t blow it over! 

  Thank you Chuck for your service and I am certain you will not get stuck in that new red truck!!! 

 We had a guest take out their frustration on 17 Foxfire on Thursday after an apparent missed put!! TV Golf from the U.S. Open doesn’t set a good example for regular folks who think it is okay to tear up a green.  This costs as much to repair as they paid for in a round of golf in turf and labor! 




 Detail worked continued earlier this week as we have 80 bunkers to maintain and improve along with 348 acres of Turfgrass. The 16,000ft^2 trap on 8 Players still has weeds due to the recent dessication enhancement application. We will remove the epinastical  weeds on Monday! 


Half of this tree was taken out because it fell on our rough unit this week for some certain reason! All in all we had a great week of progress and look forward to repairing several irrigation leaks next week!   

No clean up lap on Thursday! Leak on 14 Players Club. The “pump” has been off now for 8 days to save on power and wear since it is the only pump left we have for that golf course. 

Hopefully, soon we can verticut and top dress greens! As always it is a pleasure to serve. 

Daily Hope by Rick Warren! 

 By Rick Warren — Jun 29, 2015

 Great Sunrise before the rains came again! 

 “God wants us to grow up, to know the whole truth and tell it in love — like Christ in everything. (Ephesians 4:15 MSG)

God wants you to grow up: “We are not meant to remain as children” (Ephesians 4:14a Phillips).
Your heavenly Father’s goal is for you is to mature and develop the characteristics of Jesus Christ, living a life of love and humble service. Sadly, millions of Christians grow older but never grow up. 
They’re stuck in perpetual spiritual infancy, remaining in diapers and booties. The reason is because they never intended to grow. Spiritual growth is not automatic; it takes an intentional commitment. You must want to grow, decide to grow, make an effort to grow, and persist in growing.
Discipleship is the process of becoming like Christ, and it always begins with a decision: “‘Follow me and be my disciple,’ Jesus said to him. So Matthew got up and followed him” (Matthew 9:9b NLT, second edition).
When the first disciples chose to follow Jesus, they didn’t understand all the implications of their decision. They simply responded to Jesus’ invitation. 
That’s all you need to get started: Decide to become a disciple.

Talk It OverThink of the moment when you chose to follow Jesus. What did you understand about what it meant to be a believer?

What are some of the characteristics of Jesus that God has been developing in you?

How do you want God to work in your life? Take some time to pray, and ask him to grow you in these areas and for trust and patience as he does it in his time.
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7 Plus Inches of rain in 10 Days .76″ last night! Open CPO Players FOX Open One Inch of Rain on Players Club

Matthew 7:25

And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. 

Foxfire will have wet areas roped off! God Bless the Baptist for praying for the storm to split! The worst is North & South of us! 


Fred & Jake are mowing Foxfire and the Judge is on Players today! 


Ray’s Creek should crest about 9:45 AM EST


Hand Raking Traps the staff has done an excellent job this week given the resources available!!

Bridge repair work from Monday!  






 3 Players is a little wet today. 

The Judge!   


6-21-15 Don’t try this at home! US Open conditions.


Thanks for sharing Mark! You are under water I imagine from photos around your area on Twitter!

Originally posted on Mark Novotny CGCS:

With all of the coverage of the US Open at Chambers Bay I decided to give you some of my observations.

Chambers Bay june 2015 2 Harry How/Getty Images

First: This is the US Open.  The planning of this tournament has been in the making for years.

Second:  This is the US Open.  It is suppose to be more than difficult.  The average player can not play a course at 7600 yards!  Don’t plan on seeing this condition ever at Westchester.  Unless we are in a drought and we are not allowed to water for two or more weeks in the middle of summer.

Chambers Bay July 2014  Google Earth image taken 7-10-2014

This is what the course would normally look like without the US Open.  Much greener and not enhanced by television.

Third:  This is the US Open.  All of the players are playing the same course and the lowest number of strokes wins.  Forget par, just…

View original 143 more words

Course Update June 19, 2015 

Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses. 

Please continue to pray for our friends and family in Charleston, SC.  The state and town suffered a horrible tragedy this week! 

As of this afternoon we have had over 3″ of rain this week and are expecting more tomorrow from the hurricane out of the gulf.  Fred I know y’all have had enough rain in Houston, but thank you for the heads up that it’s heading my way!   Thank you Bill Kennedy, CGCS President of the Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association for your accommodations and advice this week. 

 Our pump on the greens sprayer went down this week but a replacement arrived today and Jim will have it installed tomorrow. Fortunately, the Pythium weather broke from Monday & Tuesday and our last fungicide application on greens has carried us through! We started leveling heads this week and Travis leveled the head on the new approach on 15 Players and coincidentally the irrigation line blew out 20 feet away.  We spot sprayed the crabgrass on the collars next to the greens where we did not get the pre-emergent applied to keep it off of the greens. It was recommended not to spray the greens with the pre-emergent and with the resources available we got as close as we could with out getting on the greens, ergo we had some Digitari (crabgrass) break through but it has been sprayed  this week in between rain showers. As well as the bunker faces on Foxfire!  
Our fairway blower went down this week too we need a new head gasket, but a pull behind utility blower would be beneficial for more ergonomic out put.    


Irrigation Repair #15 Players  



  This is an area that had been added on to the original irrigation system or improperly repaired at an earlier date!  The fittings that were used had rock and cinder blocks piled in the old hole. The new repair was made correctly but the irrigation line has too much flex in it and may need repaired in five years from now with a trencher, sod cutter and new pvc pipe.  Furthermore, lightning and ants took out the satellite box on this hole as well, ergo there were a multitude of opportunities to train our new Assistant Golf Course Superintendent! Approximately, $1,800 worth of electronic out put boards and the main rdr receiver that does the communication was inoperable. Fortunately, we had a spare rdr board and spare out put boards as well. We still have nine solenoids to repair from last summers irrigation upgrade and this head on fifteen in the approach was the first. The irrigation control box below! Once the ants have been eradicated completely and the Ohms regulator tests are complete we will add the replacement electronics.  


The puzzle solving issue is to return the box to its original state in which is was intended to operated under the software from the computer at the shop. These wires were switched around in various ports for various inconclusive reasoning by a prior Superintendent!  To top our week off we had the main hydraulic line on the 2011 4000D blow out today on 13 Players so we currently do not have a rough unit, but the good news is my contact who is the President of the International  Equipment Managers Association helped us locate the by pass valve so we could safely transport the unit back to the shop so Jim can add that to his list of repairs along with the three tri plex units that failed us this week.  


The great news is that even with all the rain and issues the courses look the best that they have in several years. The current Agronomic program we are utilizing is aiding in this effort.  We began tri plexing Players fairways today since they have not been mown this week and pumped out as many bunkers as possible given the resources available before the afternoon rain today.  


More photos above of weed control and the standing water on two Foxfire is a combination of infiltration and percolation deficiencies.  The infiltration issue will be solved when we verticut and topsress. The percolation issue will only be solved by rebuilding greens or utilizing sonar technology to find the broken drain tile. For greens that are forty years old the percolation issue is somewhat insignificant but just a side note of a reminder between the variance of the two terms.  



Course Update June 12, 2015

“For we fix our attention, not on things that are seen, but on things that are unseen. What can be seen lasts only for a time, but what cannot be seen lasts forever.” (2 Corinthians 4:18 TEV)

The Agronony Team did an excellent job this week preparing for the golf tournaments this weekend! As we continue to search for a solution to the broken pumps remember the water will run longer throughout the morning  to keep up with watering demands due to 90 degree temperatures and  evapotranspiration rates. One Players green looks much better after hand watering with a newer wetting agent tablet!    
We are still operating at 47% capacity on irrigation efficiency due to the pumps being worn out and a failed jockey pump. Surge Pro and Primo were applied to the greens and Players Club fairways with fungicides and the Agra Rouse was added to the Foxfire fairways with Primo and a fungicide. The primo will reduce the clipping yield and create a tighter surface which will enhance playability. We also got our water reports and a couple of soil tests results this week and they coincide to the Agronomic program we are currently utilizing.  Great week staff! Thank you all for your hard work. We are operating on an ergonomic efficiency labor rate 25% below the national average for 36 golfing holes and practice facility. There is much work left to complete but we are progressing each week! The range was prepared Monday for the Junior golf program. Target greens were mowed as well as junior tees on the driving range.  


We added a new approach area to #15 Players this week and will continue this process in other areas as time and resources are available.  


Tournament preparation this morning.  







 Watering Foxfire this morning before the shotgun start!  



 Re mowed new walk paths on Players yesterday for our walking members. 



 Greens after brown patch preventer.  






 Working on details adding mulch and trimming branches back off cart path edges on players.    

String trimming lakes! 



Spot watering #6 Players this morning before shotgun.